A career in professional sports is truly unique. Only a few things are certain. You are elite, one of the best in the world at what you do. You require total focus, an ability to block out the noise and not be bothered by life’s little challenges. The rest is largely uncertain – how long you will play, cross-border moves, injuries, trades and the next steps following your playing career. That’s why we take pride in helping you navigate your career and maintain your lifestyle while you are at your athletic peak and long after your playing days are over.

We work alongside you in several key areas:

  • Financial planning – building a plan for now and the future so that you maintain your lifestyle through your retirement and leave a legacy for your family.
  • Asset management – ensuring you are growing and protecting your wealth and navigating the complex challenges that are part of the life of a professional athlete, including the need for cross border services.
  • Estate planning – protecting the legacy you want to leave behind for your family and ensuring a plan is in place to transfer assets seamlessly to the next generation.
  • Concierge services – providing you with the services you need so that you can focus on what matters most: family, career and your hobbies. From finding you a mover, to getting event tickets, to helping you pick a florist, our team is your go-to, 24/7 resource for all of the experiences (and curveballs) life can create.